It won’t be long now until university students start to head back for their studies, so if you’re a student landlord, you now have just a few short weeks to get your student lets in order.

Even if your new student tenants have already signed on the dotted line and handed over their deposits, you still need to put the effort in. After all, moving into a new student house which is unclean or untidy won’t exactly provide them with the most pleasant start to the new term.

The best way of getting your student lets spotlessly clean is to call a professional house cleaner in. A professional will have everything needed to ensure that your properties look pristine, so you won’t have to go out and buy all of the cleaning products yourself.

If your student lets contain carpets and/ or upholstery, it’s well worth getting these professionally cleaned too, especially if your previous tenants left them looking a little grubby.

Getting your student lets spotlessly clean shouldn’t set you back an awful amount, as professional house cleaning services come at really competitive rates- even if you do choose to get your student lets cleaned from top to toe.