Doing the house cleaning might not be one of the jobs you look forward to, but you can make it that little bit more bearable if you follow a few handy tips.

It’s amazing just how much time it can take to get your house ship-shape, so it’s worth making sure you have the time to do the cleaning before you start. There’s no point starting with the best intentions if you have to stop mid-way through to do something else. Putting the radio or television on while you do the cleaning can also really help. It makes the cleaning less of a chore and focuses the mind on something else.

It can also help to schedule some tasks such as cleaning the oven and changing the beds. If you do this you’ll know where you are up to in your cleaning regime so you can plan ahead.

One thing which can really help is if you get someone to do some of the cleaning tasks for you. This might mean you hire someone’s help once a month to give the home a complete overhaul whilst you keep on top of the general cleaning in the few weeks in between.

Cleaning can be tiresome, but it’s decidedly less so if you have some help from a professional cleaning company.