If you are moving into a rented property or are moving out of a rented property you might want to consider an end of tenancy cleaning service.

The majority of landlords across the UK now use end of tenancy cleaning services before they put their property back on to the rental market. The rental property is thoroughly cleaned by the specialist rental cleaners and made ready so the new tenants can move straight in.

End of tenancy cleaners aren’t just used by busy landlords, they are also used by the tenant who may want to make sure the property is spotless before they end their tenancy agreement. Often landlords will ask that a deposit is put down in case of any breakages or damage to the property, but they can also withhold money if the property is not returned to them in a liveable state. End of tenancy cleaners in London can make sure the property is spotless meaning a tenant will recoup 100% of their initial deposit.

There are different levels of service provided by end of tenancy cleaners; you just need to speak to a service provider to discuss your individual requirements.