If you haven’t already started on your spring cleaning mission, now is the perfect time to start. The clocks might not yet have changed, but most people consider the start of March to be the start of spring, and there’s no better way of seeing in a fresh new season than with a fresh new home.

The best way of starting your spring cleaning is by drawing up a schedule. This schedule should not only consist of tidying, cleaning and throwing out all of those items of clothing which you haven’t worn in years, but should also contain carpet cleaning.

Carpets make up a huge proportion of the decor in most modern homes, and can therefore affect the look of a home considerably. If your carpets look grubby, they can make the rest of your home look grubby- even if every other area is incredibly clean.

You shouldn’t attempt to clean carpets yourself though, as you’re likely to be very unimpressed by the results and you could also cause irreparable damage. Professional carpet cleaning London experts offer really affordable rates and the end results will contribute to a highly successful spring clean.