A dishwasher’s job is to clean the dishes, but after many uses the dishwasher itself may need to be cleaned or serviced.

You might notice that the dishwasher has started to leave water stains or grubby marks on your plates and glasses leaving them looking less than sparkling clean, so when this happens it’s worth giving your dishwasher a check over to see what ‘s going on.

Empty the drain catcher

There’s usually a drain catcher in the dishwasher which collects large food particles so they’re not flushed down the drain. If you’ve not cleaned this for some time remove it from the dishwasher base and remove the food particles. Give the drain catcher a good wash with soapy water.

Top up the rinse aid

Most dishwasher tablet manufacturers will tell you that their tablet will wash the dishes perfectly without using any other additives. It’s true that modern tablets will work well on their own, but you’ll get the best finish if you use rinse aid too. There’s usually a slot just inside the dishwasher door where you can pour the rinse aid into the dishwasher.

We’ll continue these tips in the next article.