Many people baulk at curtain cleaning because they are concerned about the outcome. However, just like every other soft furnishing, your curtains should be cleaned regularly to remove the dirt, dust and other debris which accumulates on them every day.

It’s the different types of materials which curtains are made from which can cause potential problems, but if they are treated correctly there shouldn’t be any problems encountered.

Cleaning curtains involves a number of processes and at each stage the curtains must be treated correctly. Types of curtains which have a pencil pleat header can be notoriously difficult to clean as the strings which hold the pleating will have to be untied before the cleaning process begins. The curtain material should then be assessed and the correct method of cleaning chosen. When the curtains have been cleaned the strings should be pulled again so that the pleats are recreated and then the curtains can be re-hung. Other types of curtains may not be so difficult to clean but they must still be treated correctly or shrinkage and damage may ensue.

A professional cleaning company can reduce the chances of potential shrinkage or distortion to the curtain and will stop damage occurring to the curtain material or curtain lining. They can do this because they choose the correct method of curtain cleaning and are experienced at the delicate cleaning process.