It’s only a few weeks until Christmas so we thought we’d give you a brief rundown of all those cleaning jobs you can do to get ready for the festive season.

Carpet cleaning

Over the summer months your carpets will have seen a lot of action in terms of wear and tear, with dirty footwear constantly treading over the carpet’s surface. Before you invite guests round and before you start to think about putting up the decorations it can be a good idea to have your carpets cleaned professionally to bring them back to an as-new look.


OK, de-cluttering isn’t really cleaning but it can be cathartic and you can clean as you go. Before you start to put up decorations have a look around and see what items can be put away and what items no longer need to be on display. It can be a really good idea to have a clear out before Christmas as the extra things you’ll have in your home can soon make it look cluttered.

Deep cleaning

What do we mean by deep cleaning? Well, in your regular cleaning routine you might use a duster to give the surfaces a wipe, you might even clean all the windows, but…do you take all the crockery out of the cupboards and all the pots and pans out of the kitchen units and give them a clean? Making sure your house is spotless can be a great way to get ready for Christmas.

If you are interested in a specialist one-off clean before Christmas, why not contact a cleaning company in London?