When subjected to frequent use, sofas can start to get a little grubby, and although throws can help to protect sofas to some extent, over team, dirt and dust can accumulate and leave sofas looking less than their best.

If your sofa has started to look a little grubby, this doesn’t have to mean confining it to the rubbish tip and splashing out on a new sofa- an expense which you could probably do without- as you can put your sofa in the hands of the professionals and let them bring it back to life.

The skills of many house cleaning professionals extend much further than general tidying and cleaning, and upholstery cleaning is another superb service which can be snapped up.

Modern sofas can be made from many different types of materials, so your sofa will be carefully assessed prior to any work being carried out in order to achieve the best cleaning results possible. Your sofa will then be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Having your sofa cleaned regularly can really help to increase its longevity, and is far more cost-effective than buying an entirely new suite.