It is not easy selecting the best house cleaning service because some can be quite unreliable or perhaps even expensive. But if you follow a few guidelines, you can easily make the right choice.

1. Reputation: Ensure that the cleaners you choose have a good reputation and that they can offer all the services you require.

2. Price: You should look for a good deal but it is not recommended that you make your decision based on price alone. Good house cleaning services may quote high prices but are justified in terms of the service they provide.

3. Online: By looking online, you can easily compare different services.

4. Background: You should enquire about the staff. Ask them if each of their staff members is insured and can offer the right services for you.

5. Associations: Look out for the associations and industry related affiliations that the house cleaning company has. You may want to opt for a company which has a stamp of approval.

Keep these five important tips in mind when you are looking for house cleaning services. This way, you should end up with a clean house and a pleasant service.