Practical tips on carpet cleaning

Listed below are a few tips on carpet cleaning that can help you keep your carpets looking fresh and new. It is recommended that you call in professional carpet cleaning London services if the stain seems stubborn and your carpet is expensive.

• The first and most important is regular vacuuming. You should begin by vacuuming carpets in high traffic areas. Regular vacuuming increases the lifespan of your carpets and prevents the build up of sharp gritty particles that damage your carpet fibres.

• When you are vacuuming and cleaning wall to wall carpets, divide the carpet into equal section. Clean the carpets carefully and proceed section by section. You should clean an entire quadrant before you move on to the next one, or you may miss strips of carpet.

• Giving your carpets a ‘once over’ is not enough. You should be ready to vacuum over each bit of carpet two or three times. This will remove any dirt that is embedded more deeply into your carpet’s fibres.

• For greasy organic stains, you should dab a paper napkins onto the affected area and let it dry. Do not rub the stain as this will lead to spreading. Use non-ammonia based cleaners for getting rid of these kinds of stain.