Whilst they undoubtedly have many important business dealings to attend to, office managers also need to ensure that employees have a pleasant environment in which to work.

One major aspect of ensuring that the working environment is pleasant is regular office cleaning, and health and safety regulations also dictate that that this should be carried out regularly and effectively.

However, keeping a busy office looking its best at all times can be easier said than done, although if you do feel that you need to address the situation urgently, there are a few quick and easy tips which can help.

Spring clean

This involves throwing out all of that old broken equipment, junk mail and any other items which are of no use whatsoever. You will be amazed at the difference this can make.

Allocate time for a desk clear out

On a Friday afternoon, why not allow employees to sort out their personal desks so that they can really start afresh come Monday morning.

Get digital

Nowadays, the majority of documents, correspondence and client information can be stored digitally. Scanning any documents of importance and throwing away the hard copies will make for a much more spacious and pleasant working environment.

Hiring professional cleaners is then the next best step to take, and they can clean your office premises regularly. For office cleaning, London has some of the best in the business.