There is no universal way to clean carpets and because of this, it is often difficult to know which method to use on your own particular carpet. However, a professional carpet cleaning service can make this difficult task a lot easier, as they know exactly what to use to remove stains, dust and allergens from your carpet.

Here are some of the methods used by carpet cleaning services:

Shampooing – This method involves using a motorised, circular brush, through which cleaning foam is introduced to the surface of the carpet and scrubbed in. A great deal of foam is generated and after it has dried, it attracts residue and soil into it, which is then removed.

Dry cleaning – Dry foam or dry absorbent compound containing only a small amount of water is sprinkled onto the carpet, which is then brushed. The purpose of this method is to attract and absorb residue, making it easier to vacuum up. This method has the benefit of drying in a short amount of time because only a small amount of moisture is used.

Hot water extraction – This method is also referred to as steam cleaning and is the most expensive method of cleaning. It provides the deepest level of cleaning because of its ability to remove soil, dirt, and residue from the deep-level fibres of the carpet. It is also a very fast method; a hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface of the carpet to immediately extract the dissolved dirt and soil.