If you lead a busy lifestyle or own a large home, then cleaning your house can be a huge and daunting task. Enlisting in the help of a domestic cleaning company in London can make this much more manageable.
By following just a few simple steps you can have your carpets looking pristine in no time at all.
Domestic cleaning companies advise you to try and remove any stains from carpets as soon as they are made, although ensure that you use a suitable detergent, which you should dilute before applying. Applying undiluted detergents straight from the bottle can remove the colour from your carpet- making it look even worse.
You should keep the carpet as dry as possible, and allow it to dry naturally by opening windows and doors.
Domestic cleaning companies have many effective ways of removing all kinds of stains from carpets. Greasy stains such as butter and chocolate can be removed by adding a small amount of surgical solution to cotton wool, and applying to the edges and centre of the stain. Water based carpet stains can be removed through soaking with lukewarm water and blotting with an absorbent material, such as a sponge.
Through using a domestic cleaning company in London you can gain a lot of useful help and advice, which can also utilise yourself in the future.