If you’re a London office manager and it’s your responsibility to hire an office cleaning company, make sure you choose the right service provider.

It’s usually best to compare several different cleaning companies to see where you can get the best deal – not necessarily the cheapest, but the best service as well. When first speaking to companies, be honest about how much you can afford to spend. There is no point being economical with the truth because you’ll only be wasting your own time. Most companies will charge according to the size of your office.

One thing to bear in mind is whether the company in question has specialist carpet cleaning equipment. Office carpets see a lot more foot traffic than those at home, so they need to be comprehensively cleaned.

Also, make sure the company offers every service you require before you sign up. There’s no point asking them whether they clean bathrooms and empty rubbish bins once you’ve hired them. If there are any unusual elements involved in cleaning your office, mention these now.

Having made your decision, decide on the length of the contract. If you try the company and are happy with their service, perhaps commit to a longer duration.