With the new academic year fast approaching it might be time to look at the cleaning schedule you’ve got in place at your school or university. Schools and universities might be a place where students can excel at their academic studies, but there’s a lot of work which goes on in the background which the average student knows nothing about.

Running a university isn’t as simple as you might think. There are often countless buildings on many different sites which need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep them usable. And it’s not just the decoration and servicing of electrical and fixtures and fittings which need to be done. One of the main tasks which has to be completed at a university campus is the cleaning regime. From student dorms to teaching areas, staff areas, storage areas and student communal areas, all these spaces need to be kept looking great to help the minds of the future develop.

Areas which are dirty and uncared for are known to hold back free thinking so it’s really important that the atmosphere created is one where students can flourish – something which can only be achieved if you use a London cleaning company to reach your goal.