There’s been a lot of research conducted recently on the conditions in which we live our lives. The incidence of conditions such as asthma is on the rise and it’s generally thought that many of us lead unnecessarily unhealthy lives.

Whilst we might not be able to affect the environment when we step out of the front door, one thing we can do to make our lives healthier is to live in a clean and hygienic home.

Clean carpets

One of the ‘worst offenders’ in terms of general uncleanliness in the home is the carpet which you walk upon every day. Carpets are a haven for dirt, dust and all sorts of unsavouries which can present a hazard to your health. To combat this, carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis using a professional cleaning technique to remove stubborn stains and dirt.

Clean rugs

In the same way that carpets attract dirt and dust, rugs are also a haven for grime. Some of the ways that a person can reduce the amount of times their rugs need to be professionally cleaned includes taking shoes off when entering the house and making sure rugs are vacuumed regularly so dirt does not become ingrained deep within the rug’s pile.