In the last article we described how important it is to keep a carpet looking great. However, how often should you get your carpet professionally cleaned and will over-cleaning damage the carpet?

How often should I clean my carpet?

If you want your carpet to look great you should have it cleaned regularly. But how often is regularly?

The cleaning regime for a carpet can only be decided by the homeowner as they know how much use a carpet gets. If a carpet is used infrequently it may not need to be cleaned very often, however if the carpet is in a family room and is used every day it may need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

The material the carpet is made from can play a part in how often the carpet has to be cleaned. A carpet that is made from synthetic fibres may attract the dirt more readily than a carpet which is made from natural fibres. It’s also the case that some carpets have been treated with a stain-resistant spray or solution which can protect the carpet from dirt or grime.

If you are unsure how regularly your carpet should be cleaned it’s worth speaking to a carpet cleaning company in London about your query.