When you buy a new carpet you expect it to last for a number of years before you replace it. A carpet is not a disposable item, so it shouldn’t be treated like this, even if you walk across it every day.

A beautiful carpet can really make a difference to how a room looks, but it also takes a great deal of wear and tear on a daily basis. Most people will recognise that a carpet has to be vacuumed regularly, every day in some instances, to remove the dirt, and dust of daily life. But some people don’t even consider cleaning their carpet, which could be a costly mistake.

Carpet cleaning should be done regularly to prolong the life of a carpet. A carpet which is only vacuumed will harbour dirt , dust and even bugs, bacteria and other nasties’ within the recesses of the carpet’s pile. And the only way you can get rid of these is by having your carpet professionally cleaned.

A professional carpet cleaning company will choose an appropriate cleaning method by testing an inconspicuous part of your carpet. But when the cleaning is complete the difference will be instantly recognisable and the carpet will look like new.

A carpet cleaning routine can be decided upon many factors which we’ll discuss in the next article.