The remit of most general house cleaning services will not usually cover such things as cleaning the screens of modern television sets, however these activities are often available should you require them.

If you want to know the best way to clean a TV screen, you need to consider the special coating which has been applied to the surface of the set. This can easily be ruined by using a strong regular cleaner.

Therefore, you need to approach the task in the right way if you want to remove all the dust and grime that has collated on the screen and which is spoiling the TV viewing experience due to the duller picture quality.

Many TV manufacturers will have their own ideas about how to clean their specific products so it does pay to heed their advice, but as long as you take into account the type of screen you are cleaning then you should be okay carrying this maintenance out.

If you don’t want to damage your fragile not to mention expensive screen and risk marring it through ill advised cleaning methods then simply use a micro fibre cloth and wipe across the surface with that.
Water can help to remove smudges, although it is important not to press down with any kind of pressure. Soap and water can work with the trickiest of stains.