Perhaps the one area in the home which gets the least attention as far as the cleaning is concerned is the carpets. You might think that the carpets are vacuumed regularly and because of this it’ll be enough to keep the carpet clean. However, vacuuming alone isn’t enough to keep all the dirt away from your carpet. To get to the bottom of the carpet’s pile you also have to clean the carpet on a regular basis.

Carpet cleaning is something which many homeowners in the UK don’t take seriously and most will replace the carpet rather than cleaning. However if you clean the carpet on a regular basis you’ll be able to keep the carpet in a clean condition, which won’t just bring hygiene benefits it’ll also prolong the life of the carpet so the need for replacement will be reduced.

Most carpet cleaning companies use the hot water extraction method to clean carpets. In this method of carpet cleaning the company will spray a warm water/detergent mix onto the carpet’s surface. The detergent and hot water will break down the dirt and the grime within the carpet’s pile before the dirty water is then extracted from the carpet.