When you think about cleaning, perhaps the part of the home that deserves the most attention, but gets the very least consideration, is the carpets.

Carpets might get vacuumed on a regular basis but although this vacuuming gets rid of the dust and debris from the carpet’s pile, it rarely gets deep down within the pile to remove the ingrained dirt. This can be problematic, especially when you consider that children usually roll around and play on carpeted surfaces.

In light of the problems that can be associated with dirty carpets professional cleaning companies in London are now broadening their services to encompass carpet cleaning. They use the latest equipment which ensures the carpet is cleaned deep within the pile leaving it clean, fresh and safe for children to play on.

Some of the techniques employed by carpet cleaners in London include hot water extraction. In this carpet cleaning technique a hot water and carpet cleaner mixture is sprayed onto the carpet surface. This solution penetrates deep within the carpet’s pile to lift the dirt and disperse it to the carpet’s surface. A powerful wet vacuum then sucks this dirty water away leaving your carpet looking like new.