We all know that it’s important to keep on top of the cleaning at home, but we rarely give a second thought to the cleaning at work. Most of us work in clean and tidy offices, but we rarely see or think why this is the case. Offices don’t clean themselves so someone must be doing it…

Most offices in London use a contract cleaning service to provide them with a suitable cleaning solution. This might entail a team of cleaners visiting the office premises a few times a week when the staff are not in to wipe down the desks, clean the windows, vacuum and mop the floors and even empty the bins and tidy around.

It’s really important that offices are kept immaculately clean. An untidy office is an unproductive office.
It can be difficult however to keep on top of the office cleaning if you haven’t got a contract cleaning service in London in place. The contract cleaning service will be able to design a cleaning rota which is based around your office staff and can clean the offices while the staff are at work or when they have gone home. The cleaning tasks can all be discussed in full before a contract is signed so both parties know what is expected of each of them.