Carpets gather a lot of dirt and dust over a considerable period of time. Dirty carpets invite microscopic organisms like bacteria and dust mites that are unhygienic and unhealthy. Dirty carpets are also an eyesore. They look unappealing and unattractive. Not just that, dirty carpets can also give out a bad odour. This spoils the overall ambience of the room. Hence, regular carpet cleaning is important.

Carpet cleaning services are commonly used in London. The frequency of cleaning varies from carpet to carpet. It depends on the usage of carpets and other influencing factors like presence of pets or children in the home. Allergy to dust and mold can also be one of the deciding factors on how regularly you get your carpet cleaned.

Carpet cleaning services are economical and reliable. Usually, carpets are cleaned using a hot water extraction method. There are also dry cleaning options available as well. The ideal carpet cleaning method can be assessed by undertaking a chemical test or a fiber burn test on your carpet.

If you choose the dry cleaning method the company uses a powder to clean the carpets. The powder sticks to the dust and dirt that is present in the carpet and the carpets are then subsequently vacuumed to remove the dirt and powder.