Carpets are one of the most used things at home. A carpet can collect a lot of dirt and dust and can stain easily. However, unlike clothes, carpets are not washed frequently.

Gone are the days when carpet cleaning was a manual process. With new machines and carpet cleaning service providers, the task of carpet cleaning becomes quite easy. Carpet cleaning professionals are trained to distinguish whether your carpet needs to be dry cleaned or can be wet cleaned.

The process of wet carpet cleaning:

Vacuum process:
First, a vacuum cleaner is used to remove dry soil, dirt and dust from the carpet.

A dilute cleaning solution made up of hot water and detergent is sprayed on the carpet and is left for a few minutes. This is done in order to kill bacteria and germs which are generally hidden in the deep fibres. It also helps to loosen substances like oil and grease that can be difficult to remove.

Rotary scrubbing:
A rotary type of brush is used to apply shampoo foam all over the carpet.

Stain treatment: Spots or marks on the carpet are specially treated to eliminate them.

Hot water extraction: A hot water solution is used at pressure to rinse the soil and dirt out of the carpet. Then the liquid is vacuumed out of the carpet using a wet vacuum.

Carpet cleaning in London is essential and will make your carpet look new, bright, clean and fresh. Just make sure that carpet cleaning is done at regular intervals to get the best results.