Cleaning your carpets frequently will make your home look neat and well-maintained. Generally, people prefer to call professional carpet cleaners who use modern carpet cleaning equipment to do the job. This helps people save time and there is an assurance that the work will be done properly and to a high standard.

But there are also many people who like to do both the house cleaning and carpet cleaning themselves. Modern machines, however, give a certain degree of cleanliness which is not possible with just your hands and soapy water. The most well-known method for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning means the carpet is sprayed with jets of steam from a detergent solution, which breaks down the dust and then a vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dirt out. You can use a special stain remover in the steam cleaner to get rid of stains if necessary.

Another method of carpet cleaning is dry cleaning. In this process, compounds are used to coat the carpets. Compounds use much less water, so the carpet dries quickly. There are other methods, such as using dry powder detergents and using only carpet cleaning solutions.

The most thorough and effective way to clean carpets is encapsulation. In this process, the carpet is rubbed with chemical powder. This powder encircles the dirt on the carpet like a capsule and then the dust is brushed out. Carpets are left with a very fresh look.