Not everyone wants the floors in their home to be covered with wooden or laminate flooring, as although it can look really cool and contemporary carpets are often the floor covering of choice for those looking to maintain a cosy and homely ambience.

The thing about some carpets though, is that it can be really difficult to keep them clean, although here are a few tips which can help to make things that little bit simpler.

Vacuum regularly

It may sound obvious, but vacuuming on a regular basis will help to stop dirt and debris from becoming embedded in carpets. Make sure that carpets are vacuumed at least once a week.

Quickly clean up spills

Mop up any spills as quickly as possible with a damp cloth and a suitable carpet cleaning detergent if necessary.

Protect vulnerable areas

Vulnerable areas should be protected with mats and rugs- these will go a long way in helping to keep stains at bay.

Professional carpet cleaning

Regular professional carpet cleaning is an absolute must. Carpet cleaning London experts offer their services really affordably, and their services really can make all the difference.

Follow these tips, and it should be much easier to keep carpets clean.