Carpets are one of the best ways of enhancing the appearance of the room. However, they are also one of the places where germs and allergens accumulate, so you need to ensure that they’re cleaned regularly.

For thorough carpet cleaning, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners. These cleaners use several methods for carpet cleaning. One of the methods is steam cleaning- otherwise known as hot water extraction.

How the hot water extraction method is performed

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is one of the most popular methods which is used by professional carpet cleaners, as it is an effective way of getting rid of dirt and dust. In this process, the cleaners use very hot water, which is sprayed onto the carpet with high pressure, which helps in loosening any dirt which is on the carpet. Next, the dirt is sucked by a vacuum cleaner. Generally, the water which is used is mixed with a detergent or some cleaning solution.

This process is considered to be one of the best methods of cleaning carpets, as hot water kills bacteria. This process makes the carpet squeaky clean after the steam cleaning is completed.

Professional carpet cleaning companies understand different types of fabrics and carpets, so they only use this method on carpets which are suitable.

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