A good rug can make all the difference to the look of a room and even the plainest of decor can be enhanced beyond recognition by a carefully chosen style.

Once you have invested in rugs though, you can’t simply place them on the floor and then vacuum them every now and again, as like carpets, they need a little extra care and attention.

Rugs accumulate dirt, dust and stains in the same way that carpets do, and failing to remove these regularly and thoroughly is likely to leave rugs looking shabby, dirty and old extremely quickly.

One major mistake that many homeowners make is attempting to clean rugs themselves. Using generic carpet cleaning products which have been picked up in the supermarket during the weekly shop is bad enough, although some people even go as far as putting smaller rugs in the washing machine.

When it comes to keeping rugs looking their very best, there really is only one option- professional carpet cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning London services will ensure that your rug is treated gently yet effectively- which will help to prevent any unsightly damage.

Don’t take any risks- restore your rugs to their most attractive state with professional carpet cleaning.