Many people clean their home thoroughly once in a while but rarely do they pay enough attention to their carpets.

Carpets can be a haven for harmful bacteria, which can luck under the pile where normal vacuuming cannot reach – only carpet cleaning can really get to the hidden depths below the upper surface.

Carpet cleaners in London commonly use the warm water extraction technique when cleaning carpets. This involves spraying a fine mist of carpet cleaning solution on the carpet and waiting for the solution to penetrate deep into the carpet pile. The carpet is then vacuumed with a special suction cleaner to remove the now dirty cleaning solution. The process is repeated until the carpet is spotlessly clean.

Carpets can be treated quite successfully with the warm water extraction technique. The dirty water is sucked away and even carpets that are light in colour can be transformed in a matter of hours. And because most of the water is sucked up by the special vacuum device, the carpet is normally totally dry within a matter of hours so you can use it almost straight away.

Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on new carpets when you can get them professionally cleaned for a fraction of the price.