When did you last bring in the professional to clean your carpets? If you are the average nuclear family, chances are you did it last year and there will be a six month interim until you do it again. Many environmental protection agencies recommend carpet cleaning every six to twelve months for two or less people and every three months for a household of more than two.

Experts have recommended these time frames based on the air quality inside houses. Dander, dust and different soils collect on the carpet. The carpet essentially acts as a filter system as air circulates from the vents in the house. For persons suffering from respiratory disorders such as bronchitis or asthma, professional carpet cleaning can help to relieve their symptoms.

Cleaning your carpets by yourself can be quite a headache so in order to be germ and dust free it is important to professionally clean your carpets every three months. Professional carpet cleaning companies employ all the right methods in order to keep the carpets of your home germ free. Over saturation of the carpet is a major disadvantage of the DIY method. If your carpets get too wet, the adhesive that hold them in place can get worn off.

Secondly, if you use an inappropriate cleaning solution on your carpets, it can lead to the carpet being permanently discoloured or bleach the carpet. Therefore in order to avoid such mishaps, it makes sense to employ professional carpet cleaning services for fast, hassle free carpet cleaning.