Recent research has shown that many carpets in the UK harbour hidden bacteria and bugs which can affect the health of the people living in the home.

Research by the Rug Doctor found that Salmonella, Campylobacter and even Listeria can live within the depths of a carpet and subsequently make homeowners ill.

The study showed that the majority of carpets contained things such as dead skin cells, human hair, dust mites and pollen – all things which can cause allergies and affect a homeowner’s health. More worryingly the same study also found that around one quarter of UK residents only clean their home when they thought it really needed it and didn’t have any cleaning routine whatsoever.

The research also showed that only around one quarter of the population remove their shoes when entering the house and over 40% had never had their carpet cleaned.

The only way to make sure that your carpet is cleaned properly is to have it cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals. They will be able to use the latest equipment to clean to the bottom of the carpet’s pile, removing dust, dirt, hair and even bacteria.