Carpets are a very important part of your home. However, carpets can attract stains, dirt and germs easily, so it is essential to clean them on a regular basis. If you want to clean your carpets then hiring professional carpet cleaners is the best option. With the latest tools and equipment, professional carpet cleaners can make your carpet look clean and new.

Here are the methods generally used by carpet cleaning services:

Wet carpet cleaning machines – These machines are most commonly used. These machines inject a cleaning solution into the carpet and the machines then suck the dirt from the carpet. Professional cleaners use machines with powerful motors because they give better performance and some of the machines even use steam to clean the carpet.

Dry cleaning machines – In the dry cleaning method, a dry absorbent chemical is sprayed on the carpet and then vacuumed. The dirt is sucked from the carpet which results in a clean and dry looking carpet. This method is less messy than wet carpet cleaning machines. The professional carpet cleaners also have various kinds of foam cleaners, brushes, vacuums, sprays and powders to clean various types of carpets.

Other tools and machines used by professional carpet cleaners

The dirt invader – This is a light weight machine which has a circular motion vacuum tank that can extract any kind of dirt from the carpet. This machine is effective in high footfall areas like in public places.

Vacuum carpet cleaning machine –
Vacuums are the most commonly used machine as they are ideal for wall-to-wall carpets. Some of these machines have long attachments so they can extend to hard to reach places.

Thus, professional carpet cleaners help you live in a clean and healthy environment.