Investing in new carpets can transform the look of your home no end, although after fitting them you then face the on-going task of keeping them looking fantastic for as long as possible.

Whether you live alone or have a large young family though, keeping carpets in pristine condition can be a bit of a difficult task, although by following some quick and easy steps, you can make this task a little simpler.

When spills occur on carpets, many people make the mistake of rubbing at the stain, although as this could lead to it spreading, you should instead blot. It goes without saying that you should tackle any spills as soon as they occur.

Making the effort to regularly vacuum carpets is also extremely essential, as this will help to shift dust, dirt and other debris which has a tendency to accumulate throughout the day. Even when carpets look clean on the surface, as debris can become embedded deep within the fibres, they still need to be vacuumed several times a week.

Keeping carpets looking as good as new also requires carpets to be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis- and for this job you should hire a professional.

Professional carpet cleaning, London and all over the UK, is very affordable nowadays, and will really help to increase longevity.