Britain is renowned for being a nation of pet lovers, and a large number of households are home to at least one cat or dog.

Pets make brilliant companions, and they’re also fantastic playmates for children, although furry friends can play absolute havoc with the state of the carpets in your home.

Keeping carpets clean in a pet-free home can be a task in itself at the best of times, so it’s not difficult to see why those with pets often struggle to keep their carpets looking clean and looking good.

Pet hair on carpets is one of the main struggles which pet owners commonly find themselves faced with, and the muddy paw prints which can be trodden into carpets after coming in from the garden can further add to problems.

Even those with the most boisterous of pets can easily keep carpets looking fur and paw print free though, simply by opting for professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning London professionals know exactly the right way to go about dealing with the carpets of pet owners, and by hiring them to clean your carpets on a regular basis, you can enjoy your carpets and enjoy your pets to their fullest.