Carpet cleaning is an essential responsibility in any home, as dust particles and allergens may have become settled in the fibres of the carpet. It is a tough task to maintain carpets but carpet cleaning services in London could make life easier. These service providers use highly developed machines to extract the dust from carpets and make them allergen free.

There are different levels of carpet servicing depending on the type of carpet, such as whether it is in a living room or hotel lobby. When you hire professional carpet cleaners, you need to know about the different methods of cleaning and the benefits of each:

Steam cleaning – Steam cleaning involves vacuum cleaners which use high pressure and high heat cleaning solution for carpets. This system is perfect for plush residential carpets.

Shampoo cleaning –Shampoo cleaning uses a standard floor machine similar to a floor buffer machine. This method is used to scrub carpets and is mainly used on heavily soiled or greasy areas. After shampooing, carpets may take a long time to dry.

Bonnet cleaning –This is a quick cleaning process which uses the same floor machine as shampoo cleaning. In this process, the cleaning solution is first sprayed onto the carpet and then cleaned with a looped mop. The carpet dries in about an hour but the carpet is not as deeply cleaned as it would be with the shampooing method.

Consequently, all of these processes help you to remove dust, dirt and allergens settled deep inside your carpets, and it is up to you to choose the one best suited to your needs.