Carpets are used widely in home design, especially in homes where children play. Some home owners choose to have laminate flooring and some choose to have wooden flooring, but it’s clear and simple that carpet provides the softest type of covering should a child slip, trip or fall.

Carpets look amazing when they are first installed, although when they are subjected to the rigours of daily life and abuse by children they soon start to look a little grubby.

Wiping spills from carpets can prevent staining, but if you want to get rid of the general grubby marks and the signs of wear and tear you’ll have to resort to a little more than vacuuming alone.

Carpets look at their beat when they have been professionally cleaned. And if you want a job done properly it’s best to leave it to the carpet cleaning professionals. There are now many carpet cleaning firms in London and across the UK who specialise in carpet cleaning – they are knowledgeable about the best way to get your carpet clean and can do the job in half the time you thought possible.