We all look forward to the summer months when the promise of getting out in the garden and generally spending more time outdoors is enough to give us some welcome cheer. However it seems like summer is a long way off even though it’s July. The rain is persistent and it shows no signs of making way for warmer climes.

When the weather is wet and the garden is muddy it can be difficult to stop family members bringing the wet weather inside with them on the soles of their shoes. And whilst you may be prepared for this in the winter, your carpets won’t be expecting a summer onslaught too.

Dirty water and grime brought into the house on the soles of your feet can quickly make your carpet wish it was on holiday. But if you follow the same cleaning regime through the summer as you do through the winter your carpet may have a last lease of life.

When anyone comes into the house it’s always a good idea to ask them to remove their shoes. This way the dirt on the soles of their shoes doesn’t transfer to your carpet. It may be hard to get toddlers to do this with their constant in and out of the house games. But when all else fails you can rely on professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning can be a life-saver through the summer months when you want your house to look great. The dirt is removed from the carpet pile by a professional cleaning service while you wonder if summer will ever arrive.