In homes, carpet plays an essential role in enhancing the appearance of a room. Many years ago, carpets were cleaned with mops and brushes but advances in carpet cleaning now allow for a more thorough clean in a shorter space of time. These advanced techniques are used by carpet cleaning companies in London and throughout the UK.

Here are some of the most common developments and tools used by carpet cleaning services today:

Encapsulation technology – A new system called encapsulation technology is now used to clean carpets. This technology uses polymer based formulas that bind oil, dust and grime. It can easily dislodge dirt and allergens from carpet fibres. Encapsulation technology can include pre-spray rinses, shampoos or spot cleaners. Dirt is easily removed and no residue is left, keeping carpets cleaner for longer.

Vacuuming – Dirt and dust can be easily removed from carpets with a vacuum cleaner. Encapsulation technology can improve the efficiency of vacuuming.

Wet Cleaning System – In this cleaning system, high pressure steam is used to extract dirt from the deep roots of carpet fibres.

Dry Cleaning System – This system is one of the most simple, safe and effective ways of carpet cleaning, as only a dry foam is used.

It is essential to keep your carpets clean, as they can attract dirt, stains and germs very easily. Using a professional carpet cleaning service in London will help to keep your carpets in pristine condition.