Carpets are often forgotten when people come to house cleaning, as they assume a vacuum will keep a carpet looking as good as new. This isn’t the case because it is very important to maintain a carpet by cleaning it often. This will ensure its long life, soft feel and good looks.
There are different ways of removing dirt and stains:

• Steam cleaning – probably the most common method
• Encapsulation
• Chemical technology
• Dry cleaning.

Steam cleaners spray jets of steam onto the carpet. This breaks down any stains or dirt because of the high temperatures. You can get steam and vacuum combination cleaners, which leave the carpet dryer and softer.

Encapsulation is used to turn the dirt or stain into crystals so that it can be promptly vacuumed. Encapsulation cleaning is used mostly to maintain commercial carpets.

Chemicals are found in most carpet shampoos, and are very common in the average household for removing minor stains and dirt. Professional cleaners also use chemicals with a revolving machine to rub in the shampoo, followed by wet vacuuming.

Dry cleaning is also another effective method for removing stains with the help of a machine. It is a less labour intensive procedure which cleans the carpet quicker.