Carpet cleaning is no easy task, although professional carpet cleaners are trained to do a thorough job. Therefore, it is advisable to leave carpet cleaning to them. However, listed below are a few effective tips for cleaning carpets, in case you have any small areas you wish to clean yourself.

1) Never rub a stain: Rubbing a stain can cause the fibres of a carpet to break down and spread. This is why you should gently blot the stain.

2) For red wine stains, use carbonated water. You can also remove them using a 30:70 solution of peroxide and water. Before using peroxide it is recommended that you first test it on an inconspicuous spot.

3) For food stains, you can use brake cleaner. You should blot the stain after dabbing some brake cleaner on a clean piece of cloth. It is recommended that you do not directly pour brake cleaner into the carpet, as doing this will loosen the adhesive that holds the fibres of the carpet.

4) For cleaning ink stains, you should use alcohol. Gently blot the alcohol on the spot and allow it to sink in for around 30 minutes, before blotting out.

5) Stains resulting from pens, oil and grease are trickier to remove and should be left to professional carpet cleaners only.

If you are located in or around London, carpet cleaning companies can offer some fantastic rates- providing fantastic results.