Carpets which have not been cleaned for a while can accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria. However, it’s not always easy to clean carpets yourself, although professional cleaners can make it much easier for you. Carpet cleaning companies in London have many proven methods of removing stains, dirt and allergens.

Dry cleaning method

This method involves using special solutions and machines which clean the carpets without the need for moisture. This is one of the fastest ways of cleaning carpets. There are different types of dry cleaning methods. The first method utilises a special foam which stays in the carpet. Once the carpet is dry, the foam gets vacuumed up.

The second method is known as “the bonnet method”, which involves spraying a cleaning product onto carpets, before a buffer is used.

Wet cleaning method

Many people have misconceptions about wet cleaning methods. Because the carpet can take a while to dry completely, many people think that this can lead to odours, mildew and bacteria. However, professional carpet cleaners can ensure that wet cleaning does not do any damage to your carpets.

During the wet cleaning method, a solution is sprayed on to the carpet and immediately extracted with a vacuum source. Although it takes some time for carpets to dry completely, it effectively removes dirt and allergens.

By enlisting the help of a professional carpet cleaning company in London, your carpets will last for much longer.