If there’s one main area which homeowners neglect when they do the cleaning it’s the carpets. Now you might think that this simply isn’t the case because the carpets are vacuumed on a regular basis, however vacuuming only removes the surface dust, it doesn’t get right to the bottom of the carpet’s pile where dust mites, pollen particles and other allergens lurk.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

The exact frequency with which you’ll have to clean the carpets in your home will be based on many things. One carpet isn’t the same as another and the use it gets. It stands to reason that if a carpet is only used infrequently it won’t need to be cleaned with the same regularity as a carpet which is used every day.

Also, carpets are made from a variety of different materials, with some being more resistant to dirt and grime. Some carpets may also have been coated with a protective dirt-resistant spray to protect it from any dirty marks. These carpets will not need to be cleaned as often as others.

If you are unsure how often your carpet should be cleaned it can be a good idea to speak to a carpet cleaning company who’ll be able to discuss your available options.