Everyone regularly vacuums their carpets to remove the dust and debris that may have settled on the carpet’s surface, but what about the ingrained dirt which can’t be removed by vacuuming alone.

In large cities like London dust, dirt and grime can easily be brought into the home on the soles of your shoes. And it’s this dirt, dust and grime which can find its way into your carpet’s pile, where it becomes ingrained amongst the fibres. Because of this, carpets can be a haven for microscopic bugs such as dust mites which feed on dead skin cells and pet dander. And there’s only one way to get rid of these nasties – carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning companies in London have a great deal of knowledge on how to keep your carpet clean. They can offer services such as regular carpet cleaning as well as soft furnishing cleaning and even curtain cleaning and only use processes which match the specific types of material.

One of the most common ways of cleaning a carpet is the hot water extraction method. In this method of carpet cleaning a warm detergent and water solution is sprayed into the carpet pile. This breaks down the ingrained dirt. The dirty water is then sucked away using a powerful vacuum, leaving your carpet sparkling clean and thus extending the carpets life.