Carpets are a wonderful floor covering which not only give your home a warm feel but also enhance the aesthetic ambience of any home. However like all types of upholstery and soft furnishings, carpets do get dirty and when they get really dirty they will need to be cleaned.

If you have pets at home you’ll realise that the frequency at which a carpet will need to be cleaned will increase. Pets generally create a lot of dust and dirt that vacuuming alone will rarely get rid of. And when this dust and dirt finds its way deep into the carpet’s pile the only solution is to opt for a professional carpet clean.

Professional carpet cleaners have all the necessary equipment to clean just about any type of carpet. Using their preferred hot water extraction technique a fine mist of carpet cleaning solution is sprayed over the carpet surface. This is left on the surface to break down the dirt and grime within the carpet pile before being sucked up by a powerful wet/dry vacuum.

Carpet cleaning machines can also be used with small hand-held tools to clean upholstery and soft furnishings. It’s worth asking your carpet cleaning company about this while they are cleaning your carpet.