With regular maintenance and routine cleaning, your home carpet can look good for many years. As with all other things, the more you care for your carpet, the longer it will last and it will look new and keep its appearance.

If you have a wool carpet and want it look better and last longer, you should regularly vacuum clean it followed by the immediate removal of spills and spots. Following are some basic tips that can help in keeping your carpet looking good for many years:

• Regular and proper carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet by many years and help in maintaining its good appearance
• You should vacuum clean your carpet on a regular basis and thoroughly remove the dirt that can damage the carpet fibres
• It is best to deal with spillages on your rug or carpet as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted stains.

While cleaning you carpet, never use general household detergents, such as dish washing soaps, liquids, or other cleaners. Though they may appear to clean the carpet, they most certainly cause problems to your carpet like colour bleeding, rapid re-soiling, or damage to the backing of the carpet.

When your rug or carpet reaches a stage where it could seriously do with a good cleaning, you could call a professional carpet cleaning service. If you are from the South-East, there are many good, qualified companies that specialise in carpet cleaning in London.