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Carpet cleaning
Carpeting the home can end up being a major investment and so in order to keep it looking new, regular cleaning is necessary. When you think about the cost of replacing carpets and furnishing, cleaning costs are only going to be minimal and so it certainly makes good economic sense as well.

By deciding on carpet cleaning in London with Clean and Tidy, you can rely on our up-to-date cleaning methods such as our hot water extraction system and shampoo brushing to do the job. With our machines being so powerful, it only takes a couple of hours following completion of the cleaning process for the carpets to be dry, clean and restored to their former glory.

In delivering our high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services, you can be sure that no effort is ever spared, and this is fully guaranteed.

Single Bedroom £20.00
Double Bedroom £30.00
Living Room £30.00
Hallway £15.00
Hallway Landing £6.00
Stairs £2.00 per step
Bathroom £8.00
Toilet £7.00
Large Rug £25.00
Rug £20.00
Commercial £1.50 m2
Single Mattress £15.00
Double Mattress £20.00
2 Seat Sofa £35.00
3 Seat Sofa £45.00
Armchair £20.00
Stool £10.00
Dining Chair £3.00
Long Pair of Curtains Dry Cleaning £50.00 each
Short Pair of Curtains Dry Cleaning £30.00 each
Long Pair of Curtains Steam Cleaning £40.00 each
Short Pair of Curtains Steam Cleaning £20.00 each

*Please note there is a £50 minimum charge per visit, plus applicable congestion charges.

Please Note That All Prices Exclude VAT

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